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Col des Aravis

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Del Pos Rider Gen Cat Date Effort Time Declared Activity Link
FAV 1 Oliver W. [ZWIFTKLUB] M A+ 2024-04-22 372w @5.5wkg 11mins 43s Zwift
FAV 2 Mark Talbot [COALITION] M A+ 2024-01-17 371w @5.1wkg 12mins 8s Zwift
FAV 3 David Bauwens [WOWOW] M A+ 2024-04-24 335w @5.2wkg 12mins 10s Zwift
FAV 4 Oliver W. [ZWIFTKLUB] M A 2023-11-11 343w @5.0wkg 12mins 16s Zwift
FAV 5 Matt Ladd [COALITION] M A 2023-11-09 390w @4.7wkg 12mins 53s Zwift
FAV 6 Sebastian H. [ZWIFTKLUB] M B 2024-01-18 329w @4.8wkg 12mins 54s Zwift
FAV 7 Åsa Fast-Berglund [SZ] F A 2023-07-16 267w @4.3wkg 13mins 0s Zwift
FAV 8 Ashley Lake [FRR] M A 2023-07-06 362w @4.3wkg 13mins 40s Zwift
FAV 9 Norax [VALHALLA] M B 2024-06-26 302w @4.4wkg 13mins 48s Zwift
FAV 10 Jacket [FRR] M A 2023-12-14 305w @4.4wkg 13mins 53s Zwift
FAV 11 Mark Talbot [COALITION] M A 2023-10-06 326w @4.3wkg 13mins 56s Zwift
FAV 12 Norax [VALHALLA] M B 2024-06-25 299w @4.3wkg 13mins 57s Zwift
FAV 13 Matthew Ladd [COALITION] M A 2023-07-20 344w @4.0wkg 13mins 58s Zwift
FAV 14 Hugo Angelina [RONIN] M B 2023-07-16 286w @4.1wkg 14mins 11s Zwift
FAV 15 Adrian Richard [GXY] M B 2024-01-17 273w @4.0wkg 14mins 56s Zwift
FAV 16 Claus Stoll [ZWIFTKLUB] M B 2024-04-23 281w @3.9wkg 15mins 0s Zwift
FAV 17 Bjørn Håkon Joki [FRR] M B 2023-12-15 266w @3.9wkg 15mins 4s Zwift
FAV 18 Josh Rigby [AHDR] M B 2023-07-14 281w @3.3wkg 15mins 18s Zwift
FAV 19 Daniel Engwer [ZWIFTKLUB] M A 2024-04-22 309w @4.1wkg 15mins 22s Zwift
FAV 20 Norax (BON) [FRR] M B 2023-10-04 264w @3.7wkg 15mins 27s Zwift
FAV 21 Mike Gavelis [SASK] M A 2024-01-17 278w @3.6wkg 15mins 50s Zwift
FAV 22 David Smith [ZSCOT] M B 2023-11-10 236w @3.7wkg 15mins 54s Zwift
FAV 23 Jose Monteiro [TugaZ] M B 2024-04-22 251w @3.7wkg 16mins 3s Zwift
FAV 24 Lucy Cash [VALHALLA] F B 2023-07-05 231w @3.3wkg 16mins 4s Zwift
FAV 25 Peter Sjostrom [ABR] M B 2023-12-13 217w @3.6wkg 16mins 5s Zwift
FAV 26 Tobias Knoth [ZWIFTKLUB] M B 2023-07-21 254w @3.3wkg 16mins 5s Zwift
FAV 27 Frank Jordan [ALPENTVC] M B 2023-10-06 248w @3.6wkg 16mins 14s Zwift
FAV 28 Cathy Collins [DRAFTDINO] F C 2024-01-19 196w @3.7wkg 16mins 18s Zwift
FAV 29 Richard Vale [Race3R] M B 2023-07-10 252w @3.3wkg 16mins 26s Zwift
FAV 30 Mark Visser [PCH] M B 2023-12-14 294w @3.4wkg 16mins 27s Zwift
FAV 31 Chris Rees [EVOLUTION] M C 2023-12-14 315w @3.3wkg 16mins 30s Zwift
FAV 32 Elton Judd [TBR] M B 2023-07-17 287w @3.3wkg 16mins 33s Zwift
FAV 33 Gautier Debyser [OTR] M B 2023-07-15 218w @3.0wkg 16mins 41s Zwift
FAV 34 Mark Arnold [AHDR] M B 2023-07-09 271w @3.1wkg 16mins 46s Zwift
FAV 35 Daniel Pearson [DIRT] M B 2023-12-13 307w @3.3wkg 17mins 18s Zwift
FAV 36 Mieke Block [ZWIFTKLUB] F C 2024-04-22 232w @3.3wkg 17mins 18s Zwift
FAV 37 Thomas Scholz [RCPN] M B 2023-07-26 243w @3.0wkg 17mins 19s Zwift
FAV 38 Paul Potter [EVOLUTION] M B 2023-10-04 252w @3.0wkg 17mins 54s Zwift
FAV 39 Jeff Horrocks [FRR] M C 2023-10-04 242w @3.1wkg 17mins 55s Zwift
FAV 40 Jeff Horrocks [FRR] M C 2023-07-07 210w @2.7wkg 19mins 5s Zwift
FAV 41 Joost Schepel [TeamNL] M C 2023-07-14 224w @2.6wkg 19mins 34s Zwift
FAV 42 Chris Hoiberg [TBR] M B 2023-07-08 194w @2.4wkg 19mins 52s Zwift
FAV 43 mattBLiTZ [DRAFTDINO] M C 2024-03-27 243w @2.7wkg 20mins 8s Zwift
FAV 44 Paul Potter [EVOLUTION] M B 2024-01-19 220w @2.6wkg 20mins 23s Zwift
FAV 45 Rob A [FRR] M D 2023-07-31 153w @2.6wkg 20mins 59s Zwift
FAV 46 Ron Rebs [FRR] M C 2023-06-30 176w @2.4wkg 21mins 8s Zwift
FAV 47 Jan van Leuverden [BEAT] M C 2023-07-06 208w @2.2wkg 21mins 54s Zwift
FAV 48 Cathy Collins [DRAFTDINO] F C 2023-10-05 137w @2.6wkg 21mins 55s Zwift
FAV 49 Julia Hargreaves [SOCKS4W] F C 2023-07-02 122w @2.3wkg 22mins 59s Zwift
FAV 50 Paul Potter [EVOLUTION] M B 2023-07-05 183w @2.2wkg 23mins 45s Zwift
FAV 51 Norax [VALHALLA] M B 2024-01-18 192w @2.7wkg 24mins 46s Zwift
FAV 52 Tony Lehmann [ZWIFTKLUB] M D 2024-06-26 144w @1.9wkg 28mins 20s Zwift
FAV 53 Norax [FRR] M B 2023-07-02 113w @1.6wkg 30mins 56s Zwift

CP Overall

Pos Rider GEN CAT FRHC Climbs Completed Total Time
1 Norax [VALHALLA] M B GHT 27 14hrs 14mins 36.410s
2 Mieke Block [ZWIFTKLUB] F C GHT 27 18hrs 17mins 06.810s
3 mattBLiTZ [DRAFTDINO] M C CAY 27 20hrs 08mins 26.480s
4 Oliver W. [ZWIFTKLUB] M A+ DRA 25 10hrs 41mins 40.030s
5 Paul Potter [EVOLUTION] M B CAY 24 18hrs 41mins 35.630s
6 Gautier Debyser [OTR] M A DRA 20 08hrs 02mins 21.070s
7 Elton Judd [TBR] M A CRP 20 09hrs 57mins 18.700s
8 Rob A [FRR] M C BEL 20 13hrs 37mins 07.110s
9 Julia Hargreaves [OTR] F C GHT 20 14hrs 48mins 50.090s
10 Ron Rebs [FRR] M C PEP 19 16hrs 49mins 44.140s
11 Hugo Angelina [RONIN] M A GHT 18 07hrs 53mins 20.870s
12 Peter Sjostrom [ABR] M B GHT 18 08hrs 49mins 38.376s
13 Chris Hoiberg [TBR] M B BON 18 11hrs 27mins 50.630s
14 Jan van Leuverden [BEAT] M B BON 18 11hrs 53mins 59.900s
15 David Bauwens [WOWOW] M A+ DRA 17 06hrs 50mins 16.510s
16 Christian Speidel [RESTARTR] M B DRA 16 08hrs 32mins 34.900s
17 Matt Ladd [COALITION] M A+ DRA 15 06hrs 42mins 40.390s
18 Sebastian H. [ZWIFTKLUB] M A CRP 14 05hrs 59mins 37.360s
19 Cathy Collins [DRAFTDINO] F C DRA 14 09hrs 11mins 21.870s
20 Jose Monteiro [TugaZ] M B CAY 13 05hrs 52mins 01.590s
21 Josh Rigby [CCREW] M B GHT 13 06hrs 39mins 08.990s
22 Mark Talbot [COALITION] M A CAP 12 04hrs 31mins 28.420s
23 Lucy Cash [DIRT] F C CAY 12 06hrs 16mins 47.390s
24 Claus Stoll [ZWIFTKLUB] M B BON 12 08hrs 00mins 58.130s
25 Daniel Pearson [DIRT] M B HAB 12 08hrs 46mins 56.760s
26 Jacket [FRR] M A GHT 11 04hrs 16mins 55.940s
27 Mark Visser [PCH] M B CAY 11 04hrs 58mins 56.100s
28 Richard Vale [Race3R] M B BON 11 06hrs 24mins 02.620s
29 Bjørn Håkon Joki [FRR] M B BON 11 06hrs 38mins 12.730s
30 Greg Morrow [DIRT] M C CAY 11 06hrs 46mins 37.460s
31 Ashley Lake [COALITION] M A CRP 10 03hrs 53mins 59.100s
32 Åsa Fast-Berglund [SZ] F A CRP 10 04hrs 04mins 07.720s
33 Chris Rees [EVOLUTION] M C CAY 10 04hrs 29mins 01.890s
34 Langeneder Christian [ZWIFTKLUB] M A CRP 10 04hrs 59mins 05.450s
35 Daniel Engwer [ZWIFTKLUB] M A CAY 10 06hrs 04mins 15.000s
36 Mike Gavelis [SASK] M A CRP 9 03hrs 44mins 32.160s
37 Tony Lehmann [ZWIFTKLUB] M D BEL 9 05hrs 07mins 28.710s
38 Zander Kean [FRR] M C JLP 9 07hrs 31mins 07.099s
39 David Smith [ZSCOT] M B BON 8 04hrs 13mins 59.800s
40 Chris Barth [ZWIFTKLUB] M B GHT 8 04hrs 35mins 15.610s
41 Ronald Rolle [ZWIFTKLUB] M C BEL 8 05hrs 59mins 31.830s
42 Isabel Monteiro [TugaZ] F D BEL 8 08hrs 43mins 45.600s
43 Tobias Knoth [ZWIFTKLUB] M B BON 7 03hrs 15mins 01.960s
44 Frank Jordan [ALPENTVC] M B HAB 6 03hrs 42mins 50.210s
45 Andy Wells [ABR] M B GHT 6 04hrs 01mins 05.000s
46 Lee Cassidy [KABOOM] M B CRP 5 01hrs 06mins 31.960s
47 Mark Arnold [AHDR] M B HAB 5 01hrs 59mins 43.040s
48 Josh Mahlandt [OTR] M B GHT 5 02hrs 27mins 00.370s
49 Valerie Pa [ABR] F B BON 5 02hrs 40mins 29.300s
50 Joost Schepel [TeamNL] M C CAY 5 02hrs 43mins 21.620s
51 Jeff Horrocks [FRR] M C CAY 4 59mins 44.300s
52 Allan Georgiou-Park [DIRT] M C BON 4 01hrs 05mins 38.880s
53 C L F [LVLESPORT] M B HAB 4 01hrs 27mins 19.620s
54 Brendan McGrath [CRYO-GEN] M B BON 4 01hrs 32mins 05.500s
55 Robinson Cruiser [DIRT] F C BON 4 01hrs 32mins 40.040s
56 Fredi Sonderegger [EVOLUTION] M B GHT 4 01hrs 40mins 52.270s
57 Diogo Leite [TugaZ] M A DRA 4 01hrs 46mins 43.730s
58 Joe Mewes [LVLESPORT] M B GHT 4 01hrs 47mins 49.570s
59 Antony Ashbee [FRR] M B CAY 4 01hrs 53mins 25.720s
60 Dipak Kumar [DIRT] M B BON 4 02hrs 12mins 55.000s
61 Haydn Jones [EVOLUTION] M B BON 4 02hrs 32mins 19.340s
62 Maya Hidajat [ZSCOT] F C JLP 4 03hrs 33mins 35.230s
63 (RIDER DQ BANNED) [DIRT] M A+ CAP 3 59mins 18.740s
64 Adrian Richard [GXY] M B BON 3 01hrs 00mins 49.620s
65 Thomas Scholz [ZWIFTKLUB] M B BON 3 01hrs 00mins 56.330s
66 Philipp Diethelm [RELENTLESS] M A+ CAP 3 01hrs 02mins 27.890s
67 J. Carton ( DRA-CLS ) [TEAMCLS] M A DRA 3 01hrs 02mins 42.250s
68 thomas evans [ALPHAC] M A DRA 3 01hrs 03mins 36.300s
69 Julia Brook [EVOLUTION] F C GHT 3 01hrs 04mins 46.410s
70 Chris Harnish [FRR] M A GHT 3 01hrs 05mins 55.180s
71 Alan Bates [VELOS] M B CRP 3 01hrs 07mins 48.070s
72 Paul-Philippe Nelles [RELENTLESS] M A CRP 3 01hrs 08mins 16.480s
73 Nick O'Connell (N O'C) [LVLESPORT] M B CRP 3 01hrs 10mins 29.990s
74 Colin Saunders [OTR] M B DRA 3 01hrs 10mins 51.090s
75 Dean Hardie [TFC] M A GHT 3 01hrs 11mins 17.510s
76 Andrew Jones [LVLESPORT] M B CRP 3 01hrs 11mins 32.340s
77 Dave Ronan [EVOLUTION] M A GHT 3 01hrs 12mins 14.050s
78 Peter Salt [CCC] M A DRA 3 01hrs 12mins 37.830s
79 Angela MacRae [EVOLUTION] F B BON 3 01hrs 13mins 37.530s
80 D.RB (CRYOGEN) [CRYO-GEN] M A GHT 3 01hrs 13mins 47.250s
81 Sarah Alexander [EVOLUTION] F B DRA 3 01hrs 13mins 49.710s
82 Don Wilkey [OTR] M B GHT 3 01hrs 13mins 52.180s
83 Jon Meals [TFC] M B CRP 3 01hrs 15mins 36.640s
84 M Nolte [OTR] F C BON 3 01hrs 16mins 43.920s
85 Jason Drummond [USMES] M B GHT 3 01hrs 17mins 24.220s
86 Ricardo Pereira [FCAN] M B GHT 3 01hrs 17mins 39.150s
87 Alexandre Lagrange [EVOLUTION] M B CRP 3 01hrs 18mins 25.100s
88 Karl Norris [ABR] M A+ DRA 3 01hrs 19mins 57.690s
89 Lee Martell [EVOLUTION] M B HAB 3 01hrs 20mins 20.370s
90 Steve Fish [OTR] M A DRA 3 01hrs 20mins 33.030s
91 Netta Vogt [DRAFTDINO] F B GHT 3 01hrs 21mins 41.230s
92 Richard Gowen [EVOLUTION] M B GHT 3 01hrs 22mins 22.810s
93 Jeffrey Budden [EVOLUTION] M B HAB 3 01hrs 23mins 59.250s
94 Paul Snow [FCAN] M B HAB 3 01hrs 25mins 18.590s
95 Thomas Pfeiffer [TFC] M C CAY 3 01hrs 25mins 39.660s
96 Mick fernie [ZSUNR] M B BON 3 01hrs 26mins 11.490s
97 Gry Bruun-Rasmussen [RAVE] F C BON 3 01hrs 26mins 12.010s
98 Daniel Kreuzhuber [ALPENTVC] M B CRP 3 01hrs 26mins 29.120s
99 Paul Biggs [LVLESPORT] M C CAY 3 01hrs 27mins 59.900s
100 Max Schemansky [OTR] M B BON 3 01hrs 29mins 16.160s
101 John Smalley [EVOLUTION] M C CAY 3 01hrs 31mins 30.040s
102 A. Jorge Fernandes [FCAN] M B HAB 3 01hrs 32mins 40.200s
103 Simon Vandore [EVOLUTION] M C JLP 3 01hrs 34mins 06.940s
104 Nuno Amaral [FCAN] M B HAB 3 01hrs 36mins 16.070s
105 William Corry [EVOLUTION] M D JLP 3 01hrs 37mins 34.710s
106 Glenn Houston [LWATT] M C PEP 3 01hrs 37mins 40.370s
107 Duncan Johnson [OTR] M A CRP 3 01hrs 37mins 59.760s
108 Jonathan Smith [DRAFTDINO] M B BON 3 01hrs 40mins 18.970s
109 Tamara Christina [USMES] F C BON 3 01hrs 43mins 12.960s
110 David White [EVOLUTION] M C JLP 3 01hrs 43mins 18.180s
111 Nigel Perkins [USMES] M C JLP 3 01hrs 43mins 53.000s
112 Tracy Aldridge-Jones [EVOLUTION] F C CAY 3 01hrs 44mins 51.000s
113 Tim Loomis [USMES] M C BON 3 01hrs 45mins 25.020s
114 Kris Poole [SISU] M A+ DRA 3 01hrs 46mins 24.940s
115 Damon McKay [TFC] M C JLP 3 01hrs 50mins 41.210s
116 KevinJ Brown [OTR] M D PEP 3 01hrs 57mins 56.340s
117 Hilary Readhead [EVOLUTION] F D BEL 3 02hrs 02mins 03.710s
118 Justin Reed [USMES] M B GHT 3 02hrs 04mins 27.930s
119 Frank Schweinheim [RUHR] M B GHT 3 02hrs 36mins 31.200s
120 Josh Bee [LEQP] M B CRP 2 19mins 49.000s
121 J.Adamczyk [ZWIFTKLUB] M C PEP 2 23mins 30.000s
122 Jens Lueckhof [ALPENTVC] M B BON 2 33mins 07.740s
123 (RIDER DQ BANNED) [FRR] M A+ CAP 2 36mins 21.400s
124 Daniel Mundell [BL13] M A+ CAP 2 36mins 26.000s
125 Aaron Girdlestone [RELENTLESS] M A+ DRA 2 36mins 59.100s
126 Garry Cooper [DRAFTDINO] M C CAY 2 37mins 22.200s
127 e Harris [ALPHAC] M A+ CAP 2 38mins 27.100s
128 Colin Rehm [DIRT] M B BON 2 39mins 51.450s
129 Elyse Gallegos [LVLESPORT] F A+ CAP 2 40mins 04.000s
130 John McEwan [RHINO] M D PEP 2 40mins 30.660s
131 Stuart Bulloch [DIRT] M B CRP 2 40mins 56.640s
132 Nat Walter [TBR] M B CRP 2 44mins 17.760s
133 Luis Varela [FCAN] M B CRP 2 45mins 53.170s
134 James Hilton [LVLESPORT] M B CRP 2 46mins 17.100s
135 Laurent LeBel [5W4T] M B GHT 2 47mins 59.140s
136 Edmund Tan [FRR] M B BON 2 48mins 23.100s
137 Sabrina Horner [LVLESPORT] F B BON 2 48mins 23.640s
138 Daniel Manalo [OTR] M B GHT 2 48mins 26.730s
139 kristin white [LVLESPORT] F B BON 2 48mins 46.220s
140 Philip Sudworth [TFC] M B HAB 2 49mins 03.600s
141 Adam Vogt [OTR] M A+ GHT 2 49mins 04.400s
142 Louise Everitt [RAVE] F B HAB 2 49mins 07.340s
143 Simon East [OTR] M B BON 2 51mins 05.870s
144 Eric Lorenz [ALPHAC] M B CAY 2 51mins 50.450s
145 Jay O’Neil [EVOLUTION] M B BON 2 52mins 37.910s
146 Loris Van de Kassteele [TEAMITALY] M B HAB 2 53mins 50.090s
147 Thomas Davison [RELENTLESS] M A+ CAP 2 54mins 56.560s
148 Josh Markham [NZBRO] M A HAB 2 57mins 48.090s
149 António Osório [TugaZ] M C PEP 2 58mins 03.510s
150 Laurence Dunford [SOCKS4W] M C CAY 2 59mins 58.530s
151 Petr Slíva [NTS] M C BEL 2 01hrs 00mins 11.750s
152 Jeffrey Janssen [OTR] M B 2 01hrs 00mins 16.990s
153 Hayley Vale [Race3R] F D PEP 2 01hrs 00mins 30.330s
154 Henrik Tullborg [SZ] M B BON 2 01hrs 02mins 17.570s
155 Marc Wennrich [EVOLUTION] M B GHT 2 01hrs 04mins 48.970s
156 Ollie Loach [EVOLUTION] M B GHT 2 01hrs 06mins 58.200s
157 Ian Greaves [OTR] M B BON 2 01hrs 07mins 28.220s
158 Greg Welton [OTR] M B GHT 2 01hrs 08mins 22.660s
159 German Pizarro [OTR] M C CAY 2 01hrs 12mins 25.110s
160 Michel Dore [LWATT] M C JLP 2 01hrs 15mins 20.870s
161 Andrew Elkins [COALITION] M B GHT 2 01hrs 16mins 54.800s
162 Chris Jasinski [EVOLUTION] M C CAY 2 01hrs 21mins 52.500s
163 Jack Cat [OTR] F D PEP 2 01hrs 26mins 04.510s
164 Jeffrey Mervosh [HERD] M C HAB 2 01hrs 26mins 56.060s
165 Paul Watana [EVOLUTION] M D BEL 2 01hrs 28mins 56.420s
166 Islay[HISP-JLP] [HISP] M C JLP 2 01hrs 30mins 18.000s
167 Michael Greiner [OMG] M A CAP 1 06mins 33.750s
168 Stephan [ATEAM] M A GHT 1 08mins 46.100s
169 Paul Reed [FRR] M C BON 1 13mins 19.810s
170 Brian Ditty [ALPHAC] M A+ CAP 1 13mins 38.100s
171 Jesse Dekker [BAKPDL] M A CRP 1 15mins 10.000s
172 Eric Barnhorst [DIRT] M A CRP 1 15mins 42.620s
173 Wim Van Cutsem [WOWOW] M A DRA 1 15mins 53.940s
174 Phillip Hardaway [No8] M A CRP 1 15mins 58.330s
175 Luís Castro [TugaZ] M B GHT 1 16mins 01.430s
176 Nini [FRR] F A GHT 1 16mins 15.300s
177 Byron hardin [LVLESPORT] M B GHT 1 16mins 18.100s
178 Herbert [FRR] M B BON 1 16mins 44.100s
179 Jeff Tsang [OTR] M B BON 1 16mins 47.290s
180 Pedro Nunes [TugaZ] M B GHT 1 17mins 13.500s
181 Paul Robertson [DIRT] M B GHT 1 17mins 17.000s
182 Domfoil17 [BIKES-FR] M B GHT 1 17mins 24.000s
183 AzorCabral [FCAN] M B GHT 1 17mins 31.100s
184 Pike Reardon [OTR] M B HAB 1 17mins 37.980s
185 JJ [ABR] M B HAB 1 17mins 44.800s
186 Mark Baker [TFC] M B GHT 1 17mins 45.800s
187 Nelson Cordeiro [FCAN] M B BON 1 17mins 57.100s
188 Paul Peppard [CRYO-GEN] M B BON 1 18mins 13.650s
189 Anders Gunnarsson [COALITION] M A GHT 1 18mins 15.000s
190 Matt Rayment [OTR] M C CAY 1 18mins 45.630s
191 Pavel Morozov [EVOLUTION] M B GHT 1 18mins 50.420s
192 José Ángel Maicas [HISP] M B HAB 1 19mins 16.100s
193 Dan Evanko [OTR] M C JLP 1 19mins 55.690s
194 Rudi Peters [OTR] M C CAY 1 20mins 32.000s
195 David Hill [TFC] M D BEL 1 20mins 32.100s
196 Joao Severino [TugaZ] M C CAY 1 20mins 39.300s
197 Mário Andrade [TugaZ] M C JLP 1 20mins 42.890s
198 Scott Higgins [FRR] M C CAY 1 20mins 43.790s
199 Anna Cico [TBW] F C JLP 1 20mins 59.360s
200 Ed Howard [SISU] M C CAY 1 21mins 05.280s
201 Luis Coelho [TugaZ] M B HAB 1 21mins 32.100s
202 Waldemar Szewczuk [ABR] M C JLP 1 21mins 34.970s
203 Elisabete Ribeiro [TugaZ] F C GHT 1 22mins 46.000s
204 Raf Crommentuyn [TeamNL] M C JLP 1 23mins 46.900s
205 Chris Wilson [RELENTLESS] M A DRA 1 25mins 18.600s
206 LinoGraca [RHINO] M A CRP 1 26mins 08.000s
207 Adam Leech [LVLESPORT] M B HAB 1 26mins 26.100s
208 Rob [DIRT] M A DRA 1 26mins 34.880s
209 Stijn Bollen [SISU] M B GHT 1 29mins 48.900s
210 Ivan Souza [ZTBR] M D PEP 1 30mins 30.100s
211 Oliver Birg [EVOLUTION] M A CAP 1 30mins 30.100s
212 Angela Stevenson [EVOLUTION] F D BEL 1 30mins 38.530s
213 Tim Bade [OTR] M A DRA 1 31mins 08.100s
214 S Summertime [OTR] F B BON 1 31mins 21.320s
215 Taylor Gonsoulin [OTR] M B DRA 1 31mins 51.100s
216 Andrew Robinson [TFC] M D BEL 1 32mins 14.100s
217 Neil Atherton [COALITION] M B HAB 1 32mins 25.100s
218 YAKOV DADUSH [SISU] M B CRP 1 32mins 29.000s
219 Martin Coffey [FRR] M B GHT 1 33mins 00.700s
220 Richard Beeston [TFC] M B BON 1 33mins 08.780s
221 Mark espley [LVLESPORT] M A DRA 1 33mins 14.970s
222 Nathaniel Katz [SISU] M B CAY 1 36mins 15.100s
223 Jay Keteleers [WLECOL] M B CAY 1 38mins 05.100s
224 Casie Rosie [GXY] F C JLP 1 55mins 47.000s
225 Ema Falez [TBW] F B CRP 1 01hrs 11mins 47.320s
226 Jack Son [DRAFTDINO] M C PEP 1 01hrs 21mins 50.000s

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