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0725BST: Race 2 events processed..... checking of FRHCs in progress....

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0725BST: Race 2 events processed..... checking of FRHCs in progress....

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06/02 FWO 2115BST: Round 2 draft results displayed.... FRHC checks in progress.....
05/28 FWO 1945BST: Couple of additions to the results and the odd upgrade or 2.... performance is performance afterall!
05/28 FWO 0715BST: Race 1 all done, spot anything then please email Race Control - if you don't appear it';s becaise you haven't ticked the World Order box in your Profile..... but that can be course release Monday around 10am! UIse discord for chat and Facebook... thanks again see you very soon!
05/27 FWO 2130BST: Race 1 events processed... will get Team/Sprinter/Polka Leaderboards going tomorrow.... for now let's see where the questions come
05/26 FWO 0045BST: Reminder that riders start teh series with a baseline FRHC, either from our Tour season or new riders purely on mixed CAT. Each race we compare rce perfromance to FRHC..... if your performance exceeds (with a fair margin buffer) then riders will immediately upgrade, all points won to date will go with you..... we can regenerate race results at any time up the day before the next race starts.....
05/26 FWO 1240BST: World Order is off and running - resulting will start after the 1700UTC race tonight completes - Leaderboards will update and get a tweak or 3 to provide more meaningful tables... for now just enjoy the events and race well...
05/19 FWO 1330BST: Registration is open for the World Order

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