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03/22 FWT 0630GMT: FULL Tourists - those who have completed all 18 Stages - Your FRHC is now FIXED - you cannot upgrade (unless we find fundamental bad data ... which I'd hope we have found already) so if you have anything left to give let's see it....
03/18 FWT 1640GMT: Edition 3 is here - some rider movements as expected. Edition 1 & 2 show the closing position. Stage 15 has had some leeway for riders whose FRHC changed late on them, hopefully we have not disadvantaged them or riders around them in Edition 3.... Just SIX stages to go and Thursday 1800 event will be live streamed we will publish more on that tomorrow.
03/13 FWT 2145GMT: Domestique roles - Riders who choose to support another in a lower class must NOT disrupt the race by forcing the front pace, that is not the role envisaged. Let the race evolve at the pace of the PEN - Protect your riders, offer support and draft but do not rip the race apart and destroy it for everyone else. Penalties may be applied if this continues.
03/13 FWT 1740GMT: Tour update: Gremlin spotted in Edition 2 where Team points were being awarded based on Full Tourist scores rather than Edition rider scores… no impact from Edition 1 … Also a few riders are still improving their CS positions ..significantly… where identified and it’s right then they will be moving … mostly missed as they were not in too 10 GC … but we’ll assess and regen results as needed…. Then I’ll get into stage 11 resulting…
03/11 FWT 1800GMT: Tour Update: Four points of note. 1. Bonus Boost - following review we have removed this as the % was not having the desired effect. This means ALL riders have equal chance for Edition 2 and Edition 3 - and the riders who are bit more fatigued from Edition 1 wil just work a little harder c'est la vie! 2. Tour Upgrades - we have applied a 100point adjustment to every rider who has upgraded who is a full Tourist. The points are split 50/50 between Sprinter and Polka and are shown on the TOUR Leaderboard only - This also adjusts the Combined Jersey but has no effect on eGAP or Team competitions. Upgrades have no effect on the Edition Leaderboard as everyone is starting fresh there. 3. eGAP Edition 2 - Eagle eyed riders will spot a difference in eGAP between Edition 2 & Tour views - For Full Tourists your TOUR eGAP is calculated off FULL Tourists only For Edition 2 (and 3) Edition eGAP is calculated off riders doing the full edition Example. MEN BON J Bishop - Stage 8 - Edition 2 eGAP=3.8s TOUR 1s - why well the winner was not a full tourist... 4. Stage 9 - Zwiftpower/Zwift has had an issue with the 1300 & 2330 events due to a time change - we have corrected as some riders were simply missing an 1hr off their time - If any riders are missing their time please contact Race Control Complex I know (try coding it) but if you take a moment and think about what we are trying to achieve... it all plays out.... of course if you spot anything please shout. Finally I have one amend I'll discuss with Team Managers and Vada first before putting this out there.... Thank you all again for being here, sharing your time and for donating... I'll remind that later in the week. Good luck tomorrow and I'll post more tomorrow on our live stream show thats coming up
03/11 FWT 0900GMT: Processing has begin on Stage 9, we are coping with the fact that some events pens have lost exactly 1 hour from times due to some Zwift event setup issue... Second point we will model the bonus boost today to see where this should be given the feedback and we are looking at the upgrade points tax to try and smooth the transition caused by performance upgrade and be fair to both the riders moving and the new place they are going to. Ultimately the aim for Edition 2 and 3 is make each competitive for everyone.... more updates later!
03/08 FWT 2120GMT: Edition 2 upgrades and FRHC changes.... these will be processed after Stage 7 completes ... riders who have been notified of a change inFRHC must update their name and choose the right PEN is there is a difference....
03/06 FWT 0630GMT: From Stage 6 WOMEN in HAB/BON/CAY must change their PEN - HAB to PEN C and BON/CAY to PEN D. Perhaps we should have seen that the difference in CS value for ranking would create an imbalance but given the private comments from valued long term riders of FRR then we have decided to make he change. We want riders to enjoy the Tour (honest) and being 3 weeks we have time to make a difference within the controls we have available. Please cascade we will do as much comms in all places to inform riders as well as email everyone registered today to be ready for Stage 6. Schedule Page will update today. GHT women no change remain in PEN B.
03/03 FWT 1645: Tour Results: About to release the Leaderboard up to date bar a few Team updates but it now shows SAP time now best place currently to check is look at Leaderboard which shows all your stage efforts - total the eGAP time and then reduce that by any SAP time shown... this is what then you should see on the eGAP GC Leaderboard.... this applies to Edition and Overall.... and of course those SAP awards could change as more riders do faster times later....or not!
01/24 FWT 1400GMT: World Tour Triquetra is building, more information will appear here as we get closer and throughout the Tour. Friday January 26th we will release the course reveal and rule updates

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