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Tour Series - It's a Wrap!

New Rider Registration is remains Open but the Tour caravan is now parking up for the summer to get an overhaul and paint job! It's been a hectic 7 months on Tour but we are
not stopping yet as we look to launch the new World Order a weekly individual racing League in May through to September... more details to come on that very soon across our communication platforms.

Next Tour Tour Rules

Latest Tour Report

One thing that hasn't changed is the effort required to compete, events are designed to build fatigue while recognising we all do this for fun and have lives to live so we can't do 100km every race.

FRR offers the HARDEST most demanding Tour Series on Zwift great training, even better racing ... get registered and experience a new way!

  • Clubs have just 3 Teams to manage Contact Race Control if more are required
  • Each Team can have unlimited rider's of any Class and gender
  • NINE (9) Rider Classifications (FRHC)
  • Top 8 rider results for each stage count for the Team
  • Simple Team Management
  • Quick and easy rider registration
  • All Events are Private by pre-registration
  • THREE racing PENs for appropriate race starts
  • Same Points structure for all FRHC levels
  • Rider Team Bonus Points for completing 3 stages or more
  • iTT and Points races only - No TTT
  • No power ups, same bike frame
  • One virtual resulting peloton for each Stage
  • One World League for all Teams
  • Individual GC, POLKA and Green jersey tables for each rider Class

Stages are designed to be tough but rewarding as we seek to level the Virtual racing field and promote the fairest and most inclusive Team and individual racing series on Zwift - In doing so we recognise the challenges that this presents and therefore understand that our events always need to learn and evolve.

One last point, the platform is not trying to be the next social media giant, however there is definitely a place to provide a more organised and focused space for Teams to manage themselves and collaborate together, which may ultimately have influence over the platforms we all use.

Tour Schedule

Tour France - Oct 22 to 30 Completed
Tour Britannia - Nov 26 to Dec 4 Completed
Tour Watopia - Jan 2 to 8th Completed World Tour - Feb 18 to Mar 5 Completed

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FRR World Championship 2023
Date tbc

1 Event - 2 Stages - Back to Back
Combined Stage time = Winner in each FRHC Class
9 Rider Classifications (FRHC)
Each Class is mixed gender
Class may be split by Gender subject to numbers - min entry 20

Have you got what it takes to be a FRR World Champion?
All riders will be checked prior to racing

World Championship

GoFundMe CFC

FRR World Championship 2023


FRR will stage our World Championship in the autumn of 2023, on Zwift we have to title the event World Trophée due to UCI agreements. We will bring together riders across the World into one unique event to answer the question - Who is the best in each of our classes? All riders who compete in our Tour Series will be automatically registered and their FRHC over the course of the events will find it's level.

Registration for the event will be needed more details on requirements will be posted later in the year.

Our World Championship format is 'time' based over two back to back stages, below is how we ran the first competition however for 2023 the courses will be different but the effort required will be the same.
Stage 1 has the peloton in Bologna (just up to the top) and we will allocate 30 minutes for that...
Stage 2 has a course set in Watopia with up to 4 laps of Fire Mountain using the Whole Lotta Lava course it's to sure be a real firecracker of an event with lots of opportunity to break your opponents before holding out for that sprint finish. For BON/CAY riders there will be 3 laps and 2 laps for our JLP/PEP riders.

The event will be truly unique for all levels with just ONE race time for everyone and a chance to see (ok we race agianst who shows up) where we are against everyone of a similar power at the same time in the same PEN, though there will be separate events for each Class and these will not visible to other classes.

Join us within our FRR Facebook Event Group to get the latest updates first on all that is going on in our FRR world.

Club Management

If you manage a Club/Teams or host Events and find it time consuming getting information out or adapting to the miriad of changes then this platform can help provide that central admin and communications point so Contact us and let's see how we can help.

CFC Charity Association

GoFundMe CFC

Back in 2015 I did my first Marmotte with CFC following an introduction as I wanted to do the event. CFC were fantastic in how they organised their riders and gave all the support needed to help raise funds. I managed to raise around £1,000 - though I did suffer that day in 45 degrees heat in the hottest ever Marmotte race event but it was worth it as my pain was only temporary.

Since 2015 I have kept a watchful eye on what's happening and whether our paths could cross again, linking up with CFC now makes perfect sense so I'm really pleased we can through FRR events help raise funds to help CFC continue their life changing support.

Our events are free to enter but not free to promote and host, the discretionary gifts we receive are very much appreciated in helping keep the FRR bike on the road and now with this link up in getting funds to CFC where a bike will benefit lives far beyond just exercise and fitness.

I thank everyone who takes the time and is moved enough to make any gift but equally appreciate everyone person who give their time in our events.
Our promise is simple... 20% of what we raise we give

Now let me introduce CFC using their own words...

Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) is a registered charity founded in 2005 and we give new lightweight bikes, tandems and specially adapted trikes to children and young people living with and beyond cancer throughout the UK.

Approximately 2,400 children and young people up to and including the age of 18 are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK and we are passionate about helping all these families along this difficult journey.

Exercise has been shown in numerous adult studies to be the single most effective way of improving both physical and mental wellness for people surviving cancer. We encourage cycling as the best form of exercise based rehabilitation especially for children because it provides all these benefits in a low impact, fun, sociable and exciting way. For more information about the benefits of exercise and activity for people living with and beyond cancer please see our Cancer and Exercise page on this website.

Cancer also causes massive disruption in families, therefore where possible we also give bikes to their siblings, and in some cases their parents so that they can take part in an activity as a family once again after what can be years of hospitalisation and upheaval. We now aim to supply around 600 awards each year which will take our total since we started in 2005 to over 8000 awards.

We also fund a network of Cancer Exercise Specialists who work closely with the twenty-one paediatric oncology units around the country to promote activity, exercise, a healthy lifestyle and our services. We run workshops, attend end of treatment days, activity days and have provided several hospital units with exercise equipment to help with rehabilitation. Adopting a healthy active lifestyle at an early age means these practices will be carried on into adulthood, establishing good life-long habits.

In 2017 CFC funded a dedicated research study with the University of Leeds entitled Cycling Through Cancer to clearly illustrate the relationship between physical and mental well being and physical activity in children surviving cancer. Our main focus is raising awareness of the benefits of activity and exercise for children and adults living with and beyond cancer.

We operate totally on the kind support of our amazing fundraisers taking part and putting on events from coffee mornings, sponsored walks, runs and bike rides in the UK, to world record attempts abroad. All monies donated make a huge difference to our total fundraising effort and ultimately to the number of children affected by cancer we support.

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