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FRR Tour Series Deux coming soon...

Rider Registration Open refer to the rules which explains the simple sign up process for riders and what to do if you want to manage your clubs teams. We are firing up with the first event Tour Zwift France kicking off on October 22nd. Following the first first Series last year and the summer midweek race events the week long Tour events have been redesigned given all the valuable input from riders, managers and teams across the Zwift world, and we thank you all for that... now it's back sloting in between ZRL League's to keep us all ticking over.

One thing that hasn't changed is the effort required to compete, events are designed to build fatigue while recignising we all do this for fun and have lives to live so we can't do 100km every race.

Tour Series Poster Tour Series Rules

  • Clubs have 3 Teams that rider's can select within their Profile
  • Each Team can have unlimited rider's
  • Simplified Team Management
  • Quick and easy rider registration
  • Team Managers can move rider's around but rider's need to self register
  • Top 10 rider results for each stage count for the Team
  • One racing PEN - Same Points structure for all FRHC levels
  • Rider Team Bonus Points for completing more than 3 stages
  • 7 rider classifications (FRHC)
  • iTT and Points races only - No TTT
  • KMZ in play for Points races
  • One virtual resulting peloton for each Stage
  • One World League for all Teams
  • Individual GC, POLKA and Green jersey tables by FRHC - refer to rules

FRR offers the HARDEST most demanding Tour Series on Zwift great training, even better racing ... get registered and experience a new way!

  • Mixed Team CAT Racing
  • EMEA, US EST and APAC race times
  • All Events are Private by pre-registration
  • Neutralised starts, no power ups, same bike frame
  • Fair but hard racing

Stages are designed to be tough but rewarding and will seek to level the virtual racing field - although we recognise the challenges that this presents - we are sure the process will continue to evolve.

One last point, the platform is not trying to be the next social media giant, however there is definitely a place to provide a more organised and focused space for Teams to manage themselves and collaborate together, which may ultimately have influence over the platforms we all use.


FRR SOLO Rider Race Series 3 started August 3 - GC event All 6 races to count with catch up events the following week for those that missed the stage, failing that there is a base GC time for each stage if you cannot make the catchup but still want in... just contact race control and we can add you in. EVERY Wednesday - 5 event times - choose one that works for you. Wednesday's will never quite be the same again. Race Series Poster Race Series Rules

  • Mixed SOLO Racing - Wednesday
  • 7 Rider categories
  • 5 Event times each race (UTC - 0915 / 1230 / 1835 / 2330)
  • New Event time each race (UTC - 0935 - Thursday)
  • Series 3 all 6 events to count
  • 1 Global League for each Rider category
  • No power ups, same bike frame

Looking forward to working with our virtual community and to build on the fantastic first year we have had.

What's been happening...

FRR launched in July 2021, twelve months has flown by and so much has changed for everyone, and it's showing no signs of doing anything different going forward. Our time and spare time is precious to us all for many reasons so we need to keep what we are doing Fun and Fair.

The platform will continue to host events and offer Club Management capabilities, currently focued on the sport of cycling - Sports Performance Analysis currently uses the site for entry before being diverted to it's own pages - in due course this service will move to a dedicated Analysis service.

If you manage a Club/Teams or host Events and find it time consuming getting information out or adapting to the miriad of changes then this platform can help provide that central admin and communications point so Contact us and let's see how we can help.

The platform will constantly evolve, but it remains a learning curve every day!

I'll try not to break it while trying to provide something that is useful and helpful to anyone who manages Globally located members who ride, race, fund raise etc...

In testing the platform does work on various sized displays from mobile to desktops - but I'm sure there will be something to fix somewhere!

Oh and one last thing.. and the site doesn't currently use cookies to track and tag you no cookie pop up just yet!