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Welcome to the first release of the FRR Club and Event Management platform - we currently focus on the sport of cycling - however are developing a separate Sports Analysis website, more information on that in due course as we look to expand the platform to other Sports.

Once logged in Sports Analysis users will be presented with their own menu options.

If you manage a Club/Teams or host Events and find it time consuming getting information out or adapting to the miriad of changes then this platform can help provide that central admin and communications point so Contact us and let's see how we can help.

Release 1 provides registered Teams with processes for Club and Team Managers to manage their members, manage Race Team communication for Zwift based events like Team Time Trial and Zwift Racing League and be part of the Event Series offered by FRR. We are grateful to be able to work with RACE3R to build and trial the functionality.

  • FRR - Tour Series Events
  • WTRL - Team Time Trial (Thursday weekly)
  • WTRL - Zwift Racing League (Tuesday weekly)

FRR are also promoting and managing events on Zwift, details of the first Series are shown below and how you can register to participate. Registered Teams will be able to manage their Teams, see results and statistics, contact race control and obtain all the information required for an event.

Currently Club Management is by inviation only, if you are interested in understanding more on this then please Contact us and we will be happy to show you more.

One caveat to the platform, it is under construction considering it was only 6 months ago that I was at 'Hello World' so please accept the rough edges as it's a learning day every day.

I'll try not to break it while trying to provide something that is useful and helpful to anyone who manages Globally located members who ride, race, fund raise - whether that is indoors using any of the online platforms Zwift, bkool, Rouvy etc... or the old fashioned way ...outside!

In testing the platform does work on various sized displays from mobile to desktops - but I'm sure there will be something to fix somewhere!

Oh and one last thing.. and the site doesn't currently use cookies to track and tag you no cookie pop up just yet!


FRR SOLO Rider Race Series 2 will start June 22 - 6 races - Each a different challenge. EVERY Wednesday - 4 event times - choose one that works for you. Wednesday's will never quite be the same again. Race Series Poster Race Series Rules

  • Mixed SOLO Racing - Wednesday
  • 7 Rider categories
  • 5 Event times each race (UTC - 0915 / 1230 / 1835 / 2330)
  • New Event time each race (UTC - 0915 - Thursday)
  • Best 4 Results from 6 to count
  • 1 Global League for each Rider category
  • No power ups, same bike frame

FRR Tour Series is now taking a rest while riders use their time outside, hopefully FRR has helped prepare us all for outside. The next Tour Series will restart in late September/October when Series 2 Tour Zwift France will return having taken on board all that we have learned from Series 1.

FRR now runs two Group Rides - FRR - The Bimble each week for recovery and chat Monday 7pm GMT and Wednesday 5pm GMT join us for 60 mins around the Zwift world, there is a group discord on the event invite for those that want to use it. These are currently not led events due to competing priorities.

FRR offers the HARDEST most demanding Tour Series on Zwift great training, even better racing ... get a Team registered and experience a new way!

  • Mixed Team CAT Racing
  • EMEA, US EST and APAC race times
  • All Events are Private by pre-registration
  • Neutralised starts, no power ups, same bike frame
  • Fair but hard racing

Stages are designed to be tough but rewarding and will seek to level the virtual racing field - although we recognise the challenges that this presents - we are sure the process will evolve.

Looking forward to working with our virtual community and to build on the fantastic start we have had with Tour Zwift France. Here are some of the event ideas in the pipeline.

  • Hill Climb Series
  • Trainer WarZone
  • Full Mixed Team Series
  • Race Training Group Rides
  • Everesting - Basecamp/Full/10k
  • Virtual Cingles - Ven Top

Where to Next...

Developments are in progress further information will be posted as we get closer to release, but in summary these are some of the things we are looking at.

Oh, and if you have any suggestions then we are more than happy to receive these.. as long as they are constructive!

  • Manage Your Own Events
  • Team Club House
  • Series Hall of Fame
  • Virtual Team User Group Forum
  • Expand platform to other Sports

One last point, the platform is not trying to be the next social media giant, however there is definitely a place to provide a more organised and focused space for Teams to manage themselves and collaborate together, which may ultimately have influence over the platforms we all use.